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Lady on Calligraphy Stripes
Ink and marker/ A4 paper




Three faces
Black ink / A5 paper



Goddess Durga in her Art Studio V2
Ink and colour pencil / A3 paper





When I return to my pens, paper or canvas, I often need – like probably many artists – to get back in creative mood by doing some exercise, in the same way musicians practice scales for a moment, before interpreting a serious piece or raga.
Sometimes, I just find something interesting – a picture, an image, a book page, an idea – that pushes me to do at once something different, not planned at all.

Last but not least is the ‘calligraphy exercise’. The purpose is to test pens, nibs, brushes, markers, colours. But instead of splashing random stains on a side paper, I try to make spontaneous colour lines and curves on a white paper, in a more orderly manner. In the end, I may add a drawing to the calligraphy created. Out of these various exercises, sometimes comes a fresh, innovative work.


Since my return to France and Europe, I have added to my Indian inspiration other subjects – e.g. ocean scenery drawn from the Charente Maritime area or deep countryside scenery from the Loir Valley. Sometimes it can be also purely abstract.

Conversation on the beach
Acrylic / 20×30 cm paper




French village
Acrylic on canva / 40×60 cm



Michel Testard

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